About Me



My name is Autumn; a married, twenty-something creative being.

The best word to describe me would be quirky, and the older I get, the more I love being unique. My mind is a never-ending circus and I’m amazed at all the random-ness that flows through my head on a daily basis. I have a built in radio in my brain and I often mentally respond to questions in song lyrics. Sometimes I think in Spanglish. I’m literally obsessed with organization; when my things are out of order, I feel like my life is out of order. My memory is almost impeccable when it comes to remembering song lyrics, t.v. show theme songs and movie quotes. Fall is my favorite season of the year (obviously) and I start missing Christmas once December 26th comes.

Words have always been my friend. Written down on a piece of paper, they were always able to convey my innermost thoughts and feelings in a way that my voice couldn’t. My journals were my confidant. With tear-stained pages, they kept all my hurts a secret, never telling a soul. I thought my isolation was protecting me, but all it really did was slow down my healing process and I got tired of suffering in silence.

Everyone hurts. Everyone has difficult moments. I’m not alone. And neither are you.

This blog is my journey. I write to heal. I write to grow. I write to discover who I am.

And I hope that along the way, you find yourself as well.


Living life boldly is about taking risks. This is my risk.

I’m saying Goodbye to Fall, and Hello to Autumn!